About the Book

To uncover an important part of rodeo history that had been lost for almost 100 years is truly a rewarding experience.

That is exactly what Ross Kapstein has done.

C.R. Wiliiams was a Rodeo Cowboy Star during The Golden Age of Rodeo between 1914 and 1930. He won numerous bronc-riding championships and finished in the top five in almost all the events that he participated in. He was a skilled silversmith whose buckles, bridles, and bits were highly sought after. He was a Tom Mix double. He was an entrepreneur who had his own wild west show. He was considered the “Best Dressed Cowboy,” a “He-Vampire,” and a song writer who drove from rodeo to rodeo in a Buick Heliotrope Convertible.

His friends and contemporaries included all the famous cowgirls, cowboys, announcers, rodeo clowns, and promoters that lived during the Golden Age of Rodeo. In 1923, he was 2 points shy of winning the prestigious Roosevelt Trophy and finished fourth at Yankee Stadium. His most important contribution to rodeo history is the fact that he documented and identified cowboys and cowgirls who might have remained anonymous if it was not for his labeling the names of the performers on the photos. By writing their names under many photos, and by keeping his rodeo memorabilia in well preserved scrapbooks, he has documented an important part of rodeo history that has been missing. This collection can now be seen and is available to the public for the first time.

Enjoy A Rodeo Cowboy’s Scrapbook!

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  1. doug says:

    Where can I get the book ??

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